Goldleaf is a popular Nintendo Switch homebrew application. It also allows users to manage and install games, updates, and DLC (Downloadable Content) on their Nintendo Switch console. It’s often used in conjunction with custom firmware (CFW) to install and manage game backups (NSP files) and homebrew applications.




Goldleaf use to install NSP files (game backups), NSZ files (compressed game backups), NSP updates, and DLC directly to the Nintendo Switch console.

Title Management:

It provides a user-friendly interface for managing titles on the console. It includes the ability to delete titles, views information about installed games, and organize your game library.

USB and FTP Support:

Goldleaf supports USB and FTP connections, making it possible to transfer files between your computer and the Nintendo Switch for installation or backup purposes.

File Browser:

It also includes a file browser that allows you to navigate the contents of your SD card or system memory.

Themes: Goldleaf supports themes, allowing users to customize the appearance of the application.

Verification: Additionally, It can verify the integrity of NSP files to ensure it.

Please note that the use of Goldleaf and the installation of NSP files or any other unofficial software on your Nintendo Switch may void your warranty and may not allow on Nintendo’s terms of service. It’s important to ensure you have the legal right to use and install game backups and homebrew applications and to follow any legal and ethical guidelines associated with these activities.

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