NX Dump Tool

NX Dump Tool is a homebrew tool commonly used in the Nintendo Switch homebrew and custom firmware (CFW) community too. The NX Dump Tool designs for backing up and restoring data on the Nintendo Switch, including save data, system files, and other important information.

 NX Dump Tool


Save Data Backup:

It allows users to back up and restore save data for their Nintendo Switch games.

System Backup:

The tool can create a full system backup of your Nintendo Switch, including NAND (system memory) backups. This is important for users who want to ensure they can recover their system in case of any issues.

Title Backup:

NX Dump Tool enables the backup and restore of installed titles, including games, updates, and DLC.

User Data Backup:

It can also back up and restore user data, profiles, and settings.

NAND Backup:

The tool provides the capability to create a backup of the entire NAND memory of the Nintendo Switch. It is a critical step for users to involve in custom firmware and homebrew development.

Please note that using homebrew tools like NX Dump Tool and custom firmware may void your warranty and may not allow on Nintendo’s terms of service. Always use such tools responsibly and ensure that you have the legal right to back up and manipulate the data on your Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the homebrew and CFW scene for the Nintendo Switch is continually evolving, so it’s a good idea to stay informed about the latest developments and follow community guidelines.

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